clinique tunisie carthagene

Medical Centres and Services

The clinic is also distinguished by its efficient technical platform meeting the needs of all the medical and surgical specialties :

Central operating theatre consisting of 13 operating rooms obeying the air treatment certification standards and equipped with an advanced equipment enabling the realization of any operative procedure under optimal conditions.

A perfect central sterilization, designed and operating according to strict hygiene and safety standards.

A medical imagery service perfectly designed and equipped with :
  • 1.5 tesla digital MRI.
  • 128 cuts scanner.
  • A vascular room.
  • A digital remote control room.
  • 2 Ultrasound units.
  • A mastology unit.
  • A déchoquage room for the management and the setting of polytraumatic or patients in distress.
Medical analysis laboratory.
Physical and cardiac rehabilitation centres.
Exploration units :
  • Endoscopic exploration unit (bronchial and digestive) composed of: 3 endoscopy rooms, 1 exploration room and an operating theatre. The unit is equipped with a latest generation equipment.
  • A unit of non-invasive cardiac exploration having: 3 effort tests, blood pressure and rhythmic holters and 2 units of echocardiography.
  • Autonomous exploration and care services responding to all the medical and surgical specialties.
An ophthalmological centre perfectly fitted and equipped with a highly qualified equipment :
  • A refractive surgery unit (excimer laser, Laser Femtosecond)
  • A diagnosis unit of ophthalmological exploration and laser treatments (pascal multispot, YAG laser).
  • An operating theatre of three rooms exclusively devoted to the eye microsurgery.