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Surgical anesthesiology and resuscitation service

The surgical anesthesiology and resuscitation service has as a main mission:
  1. Ensuring the comfort and safety of patients during the medical or surgical procedures and ensuring an optimal analgesia to reduce or eliminate the physiological and psychological effects of interventional procedures.
  2. Ensuring the postoperative care of patients in critical condition and / or who undergo major surgeries (neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, cancer surgery, heavy abdominal surgery).


7 Surgical anesthesiologists assisted by 18 senior anesthesia technicians to provide anesthesia procedures:

  • In the operating theater
  • At the ophthalmology unit
  • In the delivery rooms
  • On the technical platforms (endoscopy, interventional endovascular cardiology, interventional radiology).
  • They take control of all surgical and obstetric emergencies.
  • A system of dual list Guard and standby (in surgery and obstetrics) guarantees the immediate presence of an anesthesiologist in the operational surgical and obstetrical theaters 24h/24 and 7/7.
  • They provide perioperative care and management of pain for the hospitalized patients.
  • They receive patients in pre-anesthetic consultation.

The anesthetic technical platform is uniform in all the operating rooms (11 room) with anesthetic ventilators and monitors of last generation allowing multimodal surveillance.

For heart surgery, a cardiopulmonary bypass pump is available in the operating theater; it is under responsibility of the anesthesiologist and the percussionist nurse;

The ultrasound loco-regional anesthesia is currently practiced as well as the installation of the central vascular tracts through the use of a locating ultrasound machine for the nerves and blood vessels.

THE POSTOPERATIVE SURVEILLANCE ROOM (PSR): 14 stations equipped with a multimodal monitoring material and management of vital emergencies; the functioning of the PSR is under responsibility of a medical team of anesthesiologists assisted by the senior anesthesia technicians.


This unit receives patients requiring careful oversight and an eventual implementation of specific secondary procedures specific to the severity of their clinical condition, to the complexity and/or the heaviness of the surgical procedures undertaken.

13 BEDS OF SURGICAL RESUSCITATION equipped with the latest generation surveillance equipment allowing a multimodal monitoring, a pump against aortic pulse, a pump of extra-renal purification type hemofiltration as well as all the necessary material to manage vital distresses.

The operation of the surgical resuscitation unit is ensured by the anesthesiologist doctors according to a call schedule of vital emergencies, which guarantee the presence of an anesthesiologist 24h/24 and 7/7.

In case of a vital emergency in the hospital centre within a specific procedure, the resuscitators can be brought to intervene at any time, any place, for a patient with a life-threatening emergency.

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