clinique tunisie carthagene

Interventional cardiological unit

The interventional cardiological unit of the Carthagene Centre deals with invasive procedures:

Diagnostic acts:
  • Coronary angiography: examination of the coronary arteries which accurately shows the presence and extent of a coronary disease.
  • Intra-coronary ultrasound - IVUS: intravascular echocardiography is a combination of echocardiography and a procedure called cardiac catheterization. The IVUS uses sound waves to produce an image of the coronary arteries and to see their state. This test allows you to look inside the blood vessels.
Therapeutic acts:
  • Angioplasty: act of angioplasty, with or without a prosthesis (stent), aims to re-establish the arterial circulation by dilating the narrowing or the coronary stenosis. It is a percutaneous procedure performed without a surgical opening
  • Endovascular implantation of a valvular prosthesis without surgery (TAVI): The aortic valve usually opens when the blood is pumped from the heart to the rest of your body. When there is a stenosis the aortic valve cannot open and close properly. This condition puts additional pressure on your heart and can cause shortness of breath, swollen ankles, chest pain, dizziness ... For people who have aortic valve problems, the usual treatment is an open heart valve surgery. However, for people who are too sick or have many other medical problems, open heart surgery can be considered too risky for them.
  • Closure of the inter-atrial communication (CIA): the treatment of this pathology can now be done without surgery, with the installation of a system of closure of communication.
  • Peripheral vascular procedures and of the abdominal and thoracic aorta.