clinique tunisie carthagene

Surgical specialties

Surgical specialties are performed by a team of renowned surgeons of great experience with an advanced technical platform.
  • The cardiac surgery :

    valvular, coronary malformation, etc...
  • The pacemaker implantation

  • The peripheral vascular surgery : endovascular prostheses

    (aortic and peripheral).
  • The conventional thoracic and endoscopic surgery

  • The orthopedic surgery :

    surgeons of great experiences ensure :
    • degenerativespine surgerytraumatic and tumoral
    • The surgery of the upper limb : shoulder elbow and hand.
    • The lower limb surgery :hip, knee, ankle and foot including the prosthetic surgery, the arthroscopic, the minimally invasive and the percutaneous.
  • The neurosurgery :

    a highly competent team of neurosurgeons ensure medullary brain and peripheral nerves surgeries.
  • The ophthalmological surgery :

    a team of imminent ophthalmologists ensures all eye surgeries including recent surgical techniques for cataract surgery assisted by femtosecond laser.
  • The ENT surgery :

    concerns the surgery of the ENT sphere and the thyroid for inflammatory or tumoral pathologies.
  • The maxillofacial surgery :

    traumatological, malformation or tumoral.
  • The general surgery :

    is ensured by a team of visceral surgeons who have an excellent technical platform (4 columns of endoscopic surgery).
  • The urological surgery :

    manages all diseases of the urogenital and urinary apparatus of the woman. Besides the required surgical equipment, a lithotripsy unit is available to the practitioners.
  • The plastic and reparative surgery :

    This surgery has a prominent place in the surgical activity of the clinic, it is combined with care and particular attention to the patients.
  • SOS Hand :

    A team of surgeons specialized in hand surgery provide a permanence (SOS Hand) to manage properly and urgently all hand trauma (24h / 24h and 7/ 7).