clinique tunisie carthagene


As part of a desire to establish a real culture of safety of care, the Hospital Centre Carthagene sets up four representative steering structures of the activities and bodies of the institution :

  • The sustainable development to ensure control while setting the actions to be taken by the concerned officials.
  • Committee of Vigilance and Risk (COVIRIS): This entity aims at setting the priorities and reviewing the progress of the risk approach throughout the process and defining the actions to be conducted by the concerned officials.
  • Committee against nosocomial infections (CLIN): this entity establishes a program of action prevention (hygiene procedure), of surveillance (incidence and prevalence survey), and of staff training and evaluation (audits practices).
  • Ethics Committee: This entity supports and advises on ethical aspects of the practice of hospital care, contributes to the decision regarding the individual cases in ethics and gives advice on all experimentation protocol on humans.