clinique tunisie carthagene


The exit form will be given to you by the medical team. At the exit / box office, you will receive your medical exit record (it includes the prescriptions, the operative report, the instructions for your recovery and, if necessary, a work stopping) as well as an administrative record (bill, hospitalization report) following the payment of your bill.

If a medicalized transport is necessary, it will be prescribed by your surgeon who will give you a travel form to your home or to the convalescent home which is waiting for you. This transport can remain at your expense despite the medical prescription.

Note that a not permitted departure engages your responsibility and requires the signature of a discharge.

Be present at the clinic reception, entry "day hospital" with an identity card and your request for examination (if you have one).

If you contribute to a mutual, remember to give us your support. This will not exempt you from paying certain medical expenses and/or supplements.