Baby club

Baby club: The privileges of your baby in CARTHAGENE: For babies born at the polyclinic CARTHAGENE, the new born will receive a membership card in our Baby Club program, offering discounts for the first 10 years of their lives.

  • 10% discount on ambulatory care services (radiology, ophthalmological exploration, cardiac exploration, endoscopy, rehabilitation…)
  • 10% discount of the hospitalization costs.
  • 10% discount on circumcision costs.
baby club
maternite clinique carthegene

The Maternity

The maternity department has 18 affordable rooms and 6 comfort rooms, it provides services for pregnant women from the beginning of their pregnancy...

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The delivery unit

Our unit has three boxes of delivery and a highly equipped caesarean room. The patient is looked after in a delivery box from her entry...

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The Neonatology

Neonatology is the unit that takes care of the newborns who need special medical care, premature newborns or those who have an infection or developed an early icterus.

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The MAP center